Kanye West Gives Drake Advice Discusses New Album In Zane Lowe Interview

Kanye West Gives Drake Advice & Discusses New Album In Zane Lowe Interview

“Meeting Paul McCartney is like meeting Ralph Lauren,” Kanye says.

Kanye West’s return to Zane Lowe’s radio show via BBC 1 aired today (February 26) just one day after he performed at the Brit Awards.

The last time ‘Ye spoke to the award-winning radio host he had just released his sixth solo studio album, Yeezus.

Nearly 18 months later, ‘Ye is prepping his upcoming untitled album.

While Kanye’s fashion and design interests dominate most of the interview, he did shed some light on his forthcoming project.

“I’m just working hard on it and it’s fun to work hard,” he says. “We’re being inventive. I still got a lot of opinions and perspectives… The College Dropout came out of a fight. This new album is coming out of a fight to design.”

‘Ye admits that he’s approximately 80 percent done with the album and although he has yet to release a tracklist, “FourFiveSeconds” featuring Paul McCartney and Rihanna is slated to appear on his upcoming project.

After Lowe compliments the collaborative song, Kanye details its creation.

“I liked songs like that when I was growing up,” he says. “The type of chord changes that Paul came up with… I don’t even understand that…Meeting Paul McCartney is like meeting Ralph lauren. It’s like ‘Woah, they’re the greatest of their field.’”

“Fusion is the future,” he continues, “the two lunch tables working together. We’re one people.”

Elsewhere in the 43-minute visual, ‘Ye likens his recent live performances to Drake’s If Youre Reading This Its Too Late surprise album.

“I’m the visual component to what he [Drake] is doing sonically,” he says. “That shit [IYRTITL] is good, yo.”

He also offered the following advice to Drizzy.

“What I can say is, ‘Run, fly, go as fast as you can, don’t stop. Any time I can be of any service, advice, a beat, you need some confidential design advice on the shoes you’re doing on the other company.. Anything, that we can collectively do to deliver more awesomeness to the world as a team,’” West says.

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