Justin Bieber Working With Kanye West Rick Rubin

Justin Bieber Working With Kanye West & Rick Rubin

“Unless you’re stupid, I don’t think you would think it’s easy to be who I am,” Bieber says in an interview with USA Today.

Justin Bieber says people will be shocked by his new musical direction.

“I’m finishing up the album now, working with [Kanye West] and [Rick Rubin],” Bieber says in an interview with USA Today published Sunday (March 29). “I don’t want to say ‘it’s different,’ because that’s what everyone says. But it is different, it’s a grown-up version of Justin and I think people will be shocked.”

The 21-year-old Canadian pop star says his new music will be a reflection of the positive things in his mind.

“My whole direction has changed,” Bieber says in the interview. “What you are thinking about all the time is what you write, and now that I’m thinking about more positive things, it completely changes my music. I had to re-do my whole [new] album. It was done, but it didn’t match up to where I am now and where my head’s at. I want to tell my story, but I also want to give people hope. I lost hope for a while. I was in a dark place, but it’s about getting out of that rut. It’s about knowing there’s sunshine on the other side.”

Comedy Central’s “Roast Of Justin Bieber” aired on Monday (March 30), the entertainer said the jokes hurt a little.

“I’m human, so some of the things they said stung a little, but I took it on the chin, owned up to some of the funny, dumb things that have happened,” Bieber says. “But some of the stuff isn’t true, like the drag racing thing [in Miami]. They showed that my speedometer said I was never speeding. But overall it was really good, very funny, with Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell coming out. That was definitely my favorite part, Will. Man, when he came out [as Ron Burgundy] and said, ‘No, Justin’s been doing everything right.’ That was so funny.”

Justin Bieber says that life has not been easy for him.

“Unless you’re stupid, I don’t think you would think it’s easy to be who I am,” Justin Bieber says. “Just use your head, you’ll understand that my life is not easy. Not having privacy. Growing up in front of the cameras since I was 13, 14. You need to have those mess-ups without anyone judging you, and that’s not something I was able to do. I think that people realize, they see it now, the transition. We can talk and do interviews and I can say I’m in a better place, but until they see the walk, and see the transition come to life, that’s what’s really going to matter.”

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