Joey Fatts Says A$AP Yams Was “A Pioneer Of Music”

Joey Fatts Says A$AP Yams Was "A Pioneer Of Music"

Joey Fatts speaks on heavy lean use following A$AP Yams’ death, why he was never a part of A$AP Mob.

During a newly-released interview with Vlad TV, Long Beach, California rapper Joey Fatts spoke in-depth about his relationship with the late A$AP Yams. He revealed that the A$AP Mob member wasn’t his manager, but did assist in teaching him the ins and outs of the music industry.

Fatts later dubbed A$AP Yams, “a pioneer of music” who was respected by artists from various parts of the country.

“He was everything…[He] was just a pioneer of music,” Joey Fatts said. “He was listening to Peewee Longway before I even seen Longway pop off like that. It was just—He put me on to a lot of shit. He’s the person who searched the internet. That’s why people from Atlanta respect him. That’s why everybody respect him. Because [they] was the one that was reaching out to him. A nigga from New York who already had position. He’s just like ‘Yo, y’all niggas shit is dope. Whatever I can do to help y’all out, let me know.’ You get what I’m saying? Not saying that he helped anybody get on, but he was just that guy to let them know that ‘I’m the extended hand on this side. Whatever you need I got you.’”

The West Coast wordsmith, who recently had an image of A$AP Yams’ face tattooed onto his hand, spoke on what it was like hearing about Yams’ death. He says he became “a drug addict,” taking large amounts of lean in order to sleep through the day.

“I was a drug addict. I was on mad drugs after that. Mad drugs. That was the only way I was able to cope with shit. I wasn’t on no crazy shit…Just mad lean since I just wanted to sleep all day. I was drinking like 16 in a day and a half. That wasn’t good,” he said.

With his close ties to both A$AP Yams and A$AP Mob, Joey Fatts was asked why he never became a part of A$AP Mob. According to the rapper, he preferred to build his own lane rather than join someone else’s movement.

“Because that’s their thing. That’s their thing,” Joey Fatts said. “I don’t wanna embark on something they did. I wanna contribute and get them to where they wanna go. But I wanna build my own lane. You know what I mean?”

Joey Fatts’ interview with Vlad TV can be found below.

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