Joey Fatts Says A$AP Yams “Taught Me Everything I Know”

Joey Fatts Says A$AP Yams "Taught Me Everything I Know"

“It wasn’t a business to him,” Joey Fatts says of A$AP Yams’ approach to music. “It was more of a brotherhood.”

Paying tribute to his recently passed friend and manager, Joey Fatts opened up about his experiences with A$AP Yams and credited the A$AP Mob founder with jump-starting his career.

“He taught me everything I know,” Joey Fatts told HipHopDX in a clip that premiered as a part of today’s DX Daily. “That’s the main reason why I ain’t got no label right now. I made six figures in 2013 because of him. I did 90 shows. He taught me the business aspect. He’s a genius. He knows how to roll out projects. He knows how to do everything. He’s a genius A&R. If you’re looking for whoever would be a top A&R in 2015, 2014, it was Yams. He did everything, even the dirty work of going on the Internet and looking for the next hot shit. He was a genius.”

Explaining how his relationship with Yams transcended music, Fatts added that the 26-year old Harlem native “just wanted to help everybody.”

“It wasn’t a business to him,” Joey Fatts said. “It was more of a brotherhood. Before I was making money in the Rap game I was already getting money. He made sure I was getting money from somewhere just because he fucked with me as a little bro. He held me down. I was standing in Beverly Hills before I even dropped a project. I was in the streets. I was sleeping in cars. I made six figures figures in 2013, I was only rapping for a year. I went to London, Copenhagen, Paris. I been everywhere because of him. This is the most giving thing he’s done, gave me my career. I was in the streets gang-banging before this shit, I didn’t really have much to live for. He gave me this shit. He did it right before he left. It’s almost like he knew he was about to die. He was just helping mad people. If you would just look on the Internet you would just see him, like, ‘Why is Yams with this dude?’ He just wanted to help everybody.”

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