Jay Z’s Spending Habits From “Reasonable Doubt” To “Magna Carta…Holy Grail” Examined

Jay Z's Spending Habits From "Reasonable Doubt" To "Magna Carta...Holy Grail" Examined

Jay’s newfound love of art appears to be rather costly.

Jay Z’s tastes have changed since he first burst onto the Hip Hop scene in the mid-’90s.

Fans who have kept up with the rapper since Reasonable Doubt have likely noticed the difference between the brands he name dropped in 1996 and the luxuries he enjoys today as a half-a-billion dollar man.

To celebrate the limited edition vinyl release of Magna Carta… Holy Grail, Medium has attempted to track Jay Z’s spending habits from 1995 to 2013.

The site used the Brooklyn-bred tastemaker’s song lyrics to craft an entertaining and informative infographic with the data they compiled.

According to the statistics, Jay Z is spending more money on cars, travel, drinks, and miscellaneous items today than he was in ’95. But, his affinity for fancy watches seems to have peaked sometime around his debut.

Hov goes from rapping about copping $30,000 BMWs on Reasonable Doubt to $3 million Buggati’s on Magna Carta.

His preference in beverages has also evolved throughout the years. Now that Jay has acquired the luxury champagne label Ace of Spades, he hasn’t mentioned one of his former favorites, Cristal, as much.

Perhaps the biggest documented increase in purchases is in the miscellaneous category. Jay’s newfound love of art appears to be rather costly.

Sure, Jigga raps about wearing $245 Versace jeans and having a big screen Magnavox and VCR on Reasonable Doubt, but compared to the  $4 million Basquiat paintings and $45 million Mark Roth artwork he mentions on Magna Carta, Jay’s previous purchases seem frugal.

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