J. Cole Says He’s Looking For A Female Rapper/Singer, Explains Social Media Silence

J. Cole Says He's Looking For A Female Rapper/Singer, Explains Social Media Silence

J. Cole goes in-depth about his label with Funkmaster Flex and describes why he isn’t on social media very much.

J. Cole has quietly become an A&R and talent searcher over the last few years and has assembled a label with a variety of very formidable artists.

Recently hopping on the phone with Hot 97 and Funkmaster Flex, the North Carolina native talked about his artists and says he’s still looking to find an “Aaliyah-type” singer or a “Missy-type” rapper.

“We in that new age, Flex where artists don’t really need the label.” J. Cole said when asked about his Dreamville imprint. “They need that stamp and they gone. They build everything on they own… I’m still looking forward to scooping that singer, that Aaliyah-type or that Missy type that I can put that Timbaland touch on and really give my sound to. But in the meantime, I just got some real monsters that don’t even really need me. So, I’m just pushing them, showing them the way as much as possible.”

Cole is also someone who is known to stay off of social media and out of interviews for the most part. He addressed why explaining that mystery is a good thing.

“With so many people listening, I don’t know what I would say to five/six million people,” he explained. “I don’t even know what I want to talk about to them… I believe in staying away until you got something to say. I don’t believe in the art of talking to be talking or talking to be heard.”

Also during the interview, Funkmaster Flex and J. Cole talked about NASCAR, his relationship with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and highlighted the strengths of Dreamville’s Cozz, Omen and Bas. Cole released his latest album at the end of last year with 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

Listen to all parts of the interview below: