Irv Gotti Claims He Set Up Iggy Azalea’s Steve Madden Shoe Campaign

Irv Gotti Claims He Set Up Iggy Azalea's Steve Madden Shoe Campaign

Irv Gotti explains on Instagram his business involvement with Iggy Azalea, among other celebrities.

Irv Gotti hasn’t made as many headlines since his days with Murder Inc., however it seems he’s continuing to make big deals behind the scenes.

Irv recently posted a few pictures of Iggy Azalea on his Instagram sponsoring Steve Madden shoes. When a few comments were made about why he was posting the pictures, Gotti replied that he was responsible for doing the deal that brought Iggy to the shoe company. He also claims that Kylie and Kendall Jenner has done business with him.

“I work closely with Steve Madden. I did the deal that brought her Shoe Deal to Steve Madden,” he said in the Instagram post caption. “I also did @kendalljenner and@kyliejenner deal with Steve. And I also did@ruleyorkcity deal with Steve Maddens Men’s. I have a new Entertainment Company called VISIONARY. That is doing a lot of things in TV. Film. Marketing. And Advertising for companies like Steve Madden. Just using my Hip Hop Cultured Brain. And trying to do creative shit for people to enjoy. This is just the start of what I’m doing. #staytuned.

Finally, Irv Gotti revealed that his entertainment company, Visionary is slated to do more in the future including marketing for celebrities and companies, TV shows and music. Ironically, Iggy Azalea recently bashed Steve Madden after doing a photoshoot for them.

View Irv Gotti’s Instagram post below:

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