Hip Hop Single Sales: Usher, The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj

Hip Hop Single Sales: Usher, The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj

Usher replaces Big Sean at #1 and The Weeknd’s “Fifty Shades Of Grey” track jumps to #2.

After leading the charts in the Top 3 for several weeks, Big Sean and E-40’s hit single was bumped to #5 this week as Usher and Juicy J claimed the top spot with their shared single “I Don’t Mind.” Meanwhile, The Weeknd’s Fifty Shades Of Grey soundtrack number jumped a dozen placements to the runner-up spot as the movie it belongs to begins its last leg of pre-release promo.

Lower down the list, Nicki Minaj’s “Only” is holding strong at #3 while Rihanna’s “FourFiveSeconds” single debuted at #4 thanks in part to features from Kanye West and Paul McCartney.

Usher & Juicy J Finally At #1

After several weeks of climbing up the list, Usher and Juicy J’s “I Don’t Mind” single finally peaked at the top of the charts with 62,122 singles sold last week. The latest count brings the third single from Usher’s upcoming album up to 464,468 total singles sold. The track has been on the charts for two-and-a-half months and jumped from #5 to #2 to #1 over the last few weeks.

The Weeknd’s “Earned It” Jumps To #2

With the Fifty Shades of Grey feature film getting more and more publicity thanks to an official trailer release, The Weeknd’s original song from the soundtrack got a corresponding boost in sales that helped it reach #2 this week. The latest 53,289 singles sold help the track top out at 219,286 total sales since its release last month.

Rihanna, Kanye West, & Paul McCartney Debut At #4

After the Kanye West and Paul McCartney tag-team “Only One” peaked at #1 after its release, Rihanna has a similar hit on her hands with “FourFiveSeconds.” The track, which will soon get a dedicated video release, missed a spot in the Top 3 by less than 50 units. “FourFiveSeconds” has sold a total of 53,013 singles since its release.

Top 10 R&B/Hip Hop Single Sales For Week Ending 01/25/2015

Note: Despite any discrepancies in total sales from previous reports,  the numbers below are provided directly from Nielsen Entertainment.

#1. Usher feat. Juicy J – “I Don’t Mind” – 62,122 (464,468)

#2. The Weeknd – “Earned It” – 53,289 (219,286)

#3. Nicki Minaj feat. Drake & Lil Wayne – “Only” – 53,062 (780,668)

#4. Rihanna & Kanye West & Paul McCartney – “FourFiveSeconds” – 53,013 (53,013)

#5. Big Sean feat. E-40 – “I Don’t F**k With You” – 51,138 (1,143,268)

#6. Flo Rida feat. Sage The Gemini – “GDFR” – 50,395 (451,456)

#7. Trey Songz – “Slow Motion” – 33,837 (33,837)

#8. Rae Sremmurd – “No Type” – 32,892 (677,632)

#9. Beyonce – “7/11” – 30,124 (418,726)

#10. Ne-Yo feat. Juicy J – “She Knows” – 29,875 (275,958)

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