Gucci Mane: “The Streets Signed Me, The Trap Named Me God”

Gucci Mane: “The Streets Signed Me, The Trap Named Me God”

In a letter addressed to fans, Gucci Mane asks his followers to refer to him as The Machine.

Although he’s currently incarcerated, Gucci Mane took to Twitter yesterday (October 17) to share a letter addressed to his fans.

October 17 is also known as Guwop Day, an unofficial holiday where Gucci Mane fans come together to celebrate his music.

Within the letter, the Atlanta rapper spoke about the ways in which he differs to other artists.

“The difference between me and the average entertainer is they dream of signing to a major label so they can have this giant machine push them and propel them to stardom,” Gucci Mane writes before continuing, “but I don’t have that dream.

“My reality is I am all I got, I am the machine behind me,” Gucci Mane adds. “The streets signed me and the Trap named me God.”

Gucci signed off the letter with a message to fans asking them to refer to him as “The Machine.”

“I am a machine,” he says. “They call me Gucci some call me Guwop but they should call me THE MACHINE.”

Gucci Mane has been incarcerated since 2013. In June of this year, the rapper’s lawyer, Drew Findling, admitted to MTV that a concrete date for his client’s release has yet to be set.

Gucci Mane’s letter can be read below: