Glasses Malone Suggests The Hit-And-Run Involving Suge Knight Wasn’t An Accident

Glasses Malone Suggests The Hit-And-Run Involving Suge Knight Wasn’t An Accident

Glasses Malone says he warned Suge Knight about his lifestyle, speaks on Terry Carter, the man killed in the hit-and-run.

In regards to the hit-and-run accident allegedly involving Suge Knight, Los Angeles, California rapper Glasses Malone shared his belief that it “wasn’t no mothafuckin’ accident,” during an interview with

Despite Terry Carter, the man killed in the hit-and-run, being referred to as a friend of Suge’s in various reports, Glasses revealed that he was unsure of the relationship between Carter and the former Death Row Records CEO.

The rapper also shed some light on Carter as a person, during his interview. According to Glasses, Carter had success with cars and was always willing to offer advice.

“Terry was—He was doing his shit,” Glasses Malone said. “He had some success and he was like a successful car nigga. He always had some fly ass whips…He offered you real advice. He would really sit down and talk to you. He would really tell you ‘Aye, this what you need to do.’ And he would have some gems. You could tell he had been in the industry. So, him and Suge knew of each other. I don’t know if they fuck with each other. But my personal opinion, which I ain’t got no business giving on no street shit, is that wasn’t no mothafuckin’ accident.”

Glasses also recalled telling Suge to slow down with his lifestyle and make amends with Dr. Dre. He added that the former CEO ultimately found himself in the position he’s in now because he “just wouldn’t sit down.”

“I hate to say it, Suge is—I like Suge, always have,” he said. “And one thing I used to always tell him is—like Pac, ‘Don’t let these streets catch you up. You got something to offer. You got your issues with Dre. Y’all should let that shit go. I mean, all of y’all acting like niggas my age or younger. What y’all doing? You supposed to be doing shit for the youth. And you around this mothafucka acting like you 20.’ So, I just think that was rage. And I think it was the inevitable. It’s the inevitable when you don’t know how to sit down. Suge just wouldn’t sit down. The nigga just got shot up the other day in the fuckin’ club. Now you going down to the N.W.A movie? You know this nigga down there. You know [Dr. Dre] down there. It’s like nothing good gon’ come from that. Nothing good was ever gonna come from that. That wasn’t his first time at the fuckin’ movie shoots. They kept telling him to stop coming. Why do you keep going down there?”For additional Suge Knight coverage, watch the following DX Daily:

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