Funkmaster Flex Working On Reuniting The Fugees

Funkmaster Flex Working On Reuniting The Fugees

Funkmaster Flex says he’s going on the road with Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson, Fetty Wap, and Troy Ave.

Now that radio personality Funkmaster Flex has successfully assisted in reuniting those in Dipset thanks to an upcoming tour, the Hot 97 host now hopes to reunite yet another group. While speaking with, Flex revealed that he’s currently working on reuniting those in The Fugees. He didn’t speak in-depth on his progress with the reunion, but did state that he’s currently “speaking to the members” of the group.

In addition to speaking with The Fugees, Flex says he has also worked with G-Unit on touring possibilities and is working with a handful of newcomers including Joey Bada$$ and Troy Ave.

“I’m doing a couple of things actually,” Funkmaster Flex said. “One is—Dipset is a group I was passionate about. I wanted to see together. The Fugees is another group that I been working on. Speaking to the members. I’m also working on G-Unit. Even though G-Unit’s together. I don’t think that they’ve toured properly…And those are the artists we love and have this current, nostalgic feel to them. But I’m also like Fetty Wap, Troy Ave, Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson, I’m doing something. Meeting with them. I mean, we gonna go on the road. Do a couple of things.”

Although Funkmaster Flex may have lent his assistance when it concerned reuniting those in Dipset, he says he has had little to no involvement with the creation of new music from the collective of Harlem, New York rappers.

“Dipset always creates their own new music,” he said. “They just play it for me as they go along. And they don’t play it to me for approval, they just play it. Or I stumble on to it when they’re listening to beats or something. And I just go ‘Yeah, I love it.’ You know? Or I say ‘I don’t love it.’ Either one, that doesn’t change what they’re going to do. But I think the only difference here is we’re going on the road together. I’m gonna be playing in the venues. They’re gonna be performing…They got a great formula now. They understand themselves. They always did, but now they understand. I think they’ve worked out among themselves how they want to produce or get their music out.”

At the top of this year, Funkmaster Flex revealed via Instagram that Dipset will take part in a five-club reunion tour this year and will also release a mixtape.

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