Freeway Rick Ross’ Drug War Documentary “Crack In The System” To Air On Al Jazeera America

Freeway Rick Ross

(AllHipHop News) The compelling story of crack dealer-turned-motivational speaker Freeway Rick Ross has been turned into a documentary. Freeway: Crack In The System is set to air on Sunday, March 8 at 9 pm on Al Jazeera America.

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Award-winning filmmaker Marc Levin (SLAM, Mr. Untouchable) explores how the crack cocaine epidemic destroyed neighborhoods throughout America. The film centers around 1980’s drug kingpin Freeway Ross and Gary Webb, the journalist that broke the story of the CIA’s alleged involvement in trafficking illegal drugs into the United States.

“The genesis of this film was personal. As a child of the sixties I have long been fascinated by stories of the U.S. intelligence community’s connection to drugs and drug traffickers,” states Levin. “I was at the Iran Contra Hearings, producing for Bill Moyers on ‘The Secret Government’ and sitting only feet away from Ollie North. That’s when I first heard the accusation that the CIA stood for ‘Crack In America.’”

Coral Baca, Webb’s source for his “Dark Alliance” drug war exposé, as well as Webb’s wife Susan appear in the film. Other interviews include former Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff Robert Juarez, drug trafficker Julio Zavala, and of course Freeway Ross. The final interview with Webb before his death is also part of Crack In The System.


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Check out the trailer for Freeway: Crack In The System below.