Freeway Details Last Moments With The Jacka

Freeway Details Last Moments With The Jacka

Freeway says The Jacka was “a good person with a good heart,” recalls meeting the rapper while touring with Jay Z.

During an exclusive interview with MTV News, Philadelphia rapper Freeway spoke on his late friend, The Jacka. Freeway referred to The Jacka, who was murdered in Oakland, California last month, as “a good person with a good heart,” before speaking on the last time the two were together.

According to the Philly lyricist, their five-city tour in the UK was the last time he and The Jacka toured together. He then revealed that the last time he saw The Jacka was at the end of their UK tour when the two flew into New York, ate together, and went their separate ways.

“I flew out there for his funeral and then I spent some time with his family and stuff,” Freeway said. “Stayed out there for like a week. And it was hard because I’m just—Every time I go out there, his energy that he brings to the table is just like—he’s energetic, man. And he’s just a good person with a good heart. So, it was so good to always have him around. Just being out there without him was kinda hard, man. But I got so many good memories. We did a lot together. We toured states together. A lot of West Coast runs. We did Africa together. We did Sweden together two times…Just recently, the last time I saw him we did a run in the UK…We went to five different cities in the UK. And we talked about being Muslim and being in the music business…That was the last time I got to spend some time with him and it was great.”

Freeway also spoke on the moment he first met The Jacka. He says he met the Oakland, California rapper while he was on tour with Jay Z. The Philly wordsmith ended up doing a verse for The Jacka after their meeting, and from there, he says their vibes were in sync.

“I think it was probably like ’02,” he said. “I was on tour with Jay. And I met them and they wanted me to—He paid me to do a verse. And I just felt his vibe. They Muslim. And they was doing what I was doing. I’m from Philly and the stuff that I was doing. The things that I was going through in the streets and just the way that I was living. They was doing the same thing, but they was just on the West Coast. And we just vibed together. Made great music together.”

Freeway’s interview with MTV News can be found below.

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