Exclusive: Wyclef Jean Talks Making ‘Clefication’ Album With Avicii Performs ‘Divine Sorrow’

Since the release of his seventh studio album, From the Hut, to the Projects, to the Mansion seven years ago, Wyclef Jean has been in the studio consistently making music.

“Musicians never stop doing music. Whether if I’m active in a music space for the charts or I’m just doing music, we never stop doing music,” Wyclef Jean tells Billboard.

Jean has been in the studio recording his eighth studio album Clefication, which features DJ Khaled, Emeli Sandé, Afrojack and Avicii.

One of the songs that came out of the “bunch of music” Avicii and Jean recorded for Clefication is the first single, “Divine Sorrow.”

“The genesis of what I do is based off songwriting,” Jean explains. “I’m a songwriter first I love to be there with the guitar and piano. Someone who has the same hobby as me is Avicii. We got into the studio and just started to work on a bunch of music. ‘Divine Sorrow’ was one of the records recorded. The tone of it, the attitude, the emotion is… it’s been a minute since you heard that [from] me.”

Check out Wyclef Jean performing his first single, “Divine Sorrow.”