Evidence Alchemist Discuss Today’s Writing Rituals In Hip Hop

Evidence & Alchemist Discuss Today’s Writing Rituals In Hip Hop

“I don’t see anything wrong with any of that shit as long as it’s a good meal,” Alchemist says. “That’s all that matters.”

During a newly released conversation with VladTV, Evidence from Dilated Peoples and Alchemist weighed in on the frequented debate about whether or not rappers should be writing their rhymes in the studio or whether memorizing them is acceptable.

Offering his take, Alchemist revealed that it doesn’t bother him as long as the outcome is a successful one.

“I think however you make your soup, man, it’s just gotta taste good. I don’t give a shit really,” Alchemist says. “Jay [Z] doesn’t go into the booth with nothing in mind. I think it’s good for people to understand that because it’s a little bit of a technical term and it gets lost. People just take it from face value like, ‘Yo, he’s just going in the booth and coming up with these lines off the top of his head?’ I don’t see anything wrong with any of that shit as long as it’s a good meal. That’s all that matters.”

Continuing on a similar theme, Evidence spoke on how rappers should focus less on trying to impress those in the studio, but more so on the quality of the record. In addition, the Dilated Peoples emcee also spoke on why it’s okay for artists to spit their rhymes in multiple takes.

“People just wanna like music,” Evidence says. “You might impress the ten people in the studio and walk out of the booth like you’re God or whatever but they don’t hear that later when they’re listening to it on the radio. I work with a lot of rappers as well and I just find [that] as long as the end result is tight, that’s it.

“I really don’t like a rapper who is like, ‘I have to do it in one take.’ I really don’t like that. When you’re doing everything in one take, there is a beauty of it because there is a flow and there’s little imperfections that happen and it’s like it’s innocent or whatever, but, if you’re into producing — not just beat making but seeing a record through and coaching the vocals as well — there’s nothing wrong with telling somebody, ‘Listen G, on your fourth bar I feel like the last word could have just been a little tougher on that part. Let’s just get that one little thing because I love the rest of the emotion here.’ And then the rapper tells me, ‘Nah, I’ll just do it again.’ And it’s like, ‘You’re missing the point of what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that what you did is beautiful, I just wanna fix this one part.’ To me, I don’t think there should be rules and I don’t think rappers should be stuck on ‘I have to do a rap in one take.’ No.”

Evidence and Alchemist’s interview with VladTV can be seen below:

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