Erykah Badu Shines as She’s Stranded at Airport: Watch

Erykah Badu Shines as She's Stranded at Airport: Watch

Erykah Badu has that rare ability to entertain, even when she’s stuck in an airport with no idea when she’ll get home. 

The Grammy winning R&B artist was grounded at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport in poor weather, waiting, and probably bored senseless, like everyone else. So when CBS reporter Steve Pickett put the camera on her, she did what comes naturally…she entertained.

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When asked about the wait for her L.A.-bound flight, she responded, “It’s hard out here for a pimp, you know.” With a hat that would make Pharrell proud, a “hey Mom” for the camera and a grin that filled the screen, Erykah came off looking like the airport’s only cheery passenger. Last year, she won a few more fans when she tried to kiss a mildly-terrified New York reporter during his live piece to camera. And in case folks didn’t realize she was a good sport, she also busked incognito in New York, earning $3.60 from the experience.

Watch the airport clip here.