Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Diplo’s Technological Expertise Examined

Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, & Diplo's Technological Expertise Examined

Diplo and Disclosure’s heavy use of synths are also discussed in “Musicians Who Rely On Technology To Create Their Sounds.”

YMCMB partners-in-crime Drake and Lil Waye were both touted for their use of video game iconography on their technologically savvy “Drake Vs. Lil Wayne Tour” in this piece by PotentialOfUs.com. Kanye West’s turns with voice manipulation and his use of advanced technology in his production techniques are also investigated in “Musicians Who Rely On Technology To Create Their Sounds.”

The PotentialOfUs story points to West’s experimentation with electronic sounds as a significant marker in Kanye West’s career.

“With technology-based sound, things have a tendency to drift heavily into the electronic or fusion genres, but Kanye’s done an amazing job with maintaining his hip-hop roots while expanding the palette of his pop-centric listeners.”

Elsewhere, the article refers to Drake and Lil Wayne’s use of “Street Fighter” to bolster their tour.

“This entry is notable because these two friends in the industry struck gold with their tour “Drake vs. Lil Wayne.” Taking inspiration from the old arcade classic “Street Fighter®,” and partnering with its creator CapCom, Drake and Lil Wayne have incorporated animated fight sequences into their onstage performances and launched a mobile app that allows fans and concert-goers to vote on the “fight” winner in real time.”

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