Drake Called Homophobic Slur by Die Antwoord

Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord performs during the Future Music Festival 2015

Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord performs during the Future Music Festival at Royal Randwick Racecourse on February 28, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. 

Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

Well, this is upsetting. Drake and Die Antwoord are both currently playing Australia’s Future Music Festival, which hits five cities on the continent between Feb. 28 and March 9.

But that’s not the disturbing part. Following the March 1 show in Perth, Die Antwoord’s Yolandi Visser called Drake a “massive f–got” over Instagram.


Fuk. Drake was kak.

A photo posted by ¥O-LANDI VI$$ER (@prawn_star) on Feb 28, 2015 at 3:24am PST

There’s no word on what caused this, but it’s certainly disgraceful. The South African rapper went on to write, “Fuk. Drake was kak.” “Kak” is slang for excrement.

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Drake has not yet responded publicly to the comments, but given his popular stature compared to Die Antwoord’s — and their poor taste — this is probably the best decision.

Die Antwoord has addressed this issue in the past. Their DJ, DJ Hi-Tek, is homosexual, and apparently, the group believes it is entitled to use the term more freely. In a 2011 Huffington Post interview, rapper Watkin Tudor Jones (aka Ninja) explained:

I’d like to set the record straight here once and for all. Number one: DJ Hi-Tek is gay. So there you go. Now you all know. Number two: Dj Hi-Tek says the word f–got doesn’t hold any power over him. Hi-Tek says f–got all the time cause he’s like, kind of taken that word and made it his bitch. Number three: Just to be fucking clear, the Antwoord is not homophobic… Number four: It comes across to us that some people from America are heavy sensitive about the use of certain words. But the thing is, what you need to understand is, we’re not from America. We’re from South Africa. And South Africa people aren’t so pumped up about these words.