DMX First Hip Hop Artist Machine Gun Kelly Listened To

DMX First Hip Hop Artist Machine Gun Kelly Listened To

MGK also calls his role in “Beyond the Lights” “life-changing.”

Machine Gun Kelly recently sat down with Steve Lobel for an episode of Steve Lobel live.

During the five-minute conversation, Lobel asks MGK his thoughts on fellow White rappers 3rd Bass, MC Serch and Pete Nice.

“They’re legends,” MGK responds. “I missed that whole Hip Hop period. I missed everything and came back to it… I was in to metal. I was in to the heavier stuff and after the heavier stuff I was listening to corny shit. Corny shit that you’re parents feed you, that they say is okay to listen to that doesn’t corrupt your brain.”

The Cleveland-native says that the first Hip Hop song he listened to was a track by DMX. He was drawn to the Ruff Ryders rapper because of the content within his songs.

“I was more intrigued with the people that were rapping about stuff that I was feeling like being alone or having to run away,” MGK says. “That’s why DMX was so big to me.”

His role as Kid Culprit in the film Beyond the Lights is also discussed in the sit-down.

“That was a blessing it was many years in the works,” MGK says of his first major acting appearance. “I ended up getting the role and it was definitely life-changing… It helped shit get better back home just with the respect level.”

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