DJ Young Music Speaks On New Position At WPGC

DJ Young Music Speaks On New Position At WPGC

“From a young age, I was already helping out different communities and donating money,” DJ Young Music says. “That’s my whole thing, giving back and helping others.”

DJ Young Music became the youngest artist ever to sign a distribution deal with eOne Entertainment last year with his DYMG Entertainment imprint. Now in the midst of his senior year of high-school, the 18-year old Maryland native and deejay-producer-artist has announced next steps in his career including a new weekly guest deejay post at WPGC-FM.

Speaking with HipHopDX, Young Music, who first began deejaying when he was 12, details how he got his start in the music industry and why he’s doubled down on a commitment to giving back. Addressing how his uncle, R&B artist Ginuwine, opened up his current career path with an early opportunity, Young Music traces his latest success back to his time as the singer’s tour deejay, a title he maintains today.

“I ended up going on tour with him,” Young Music says. “He put me on the stage to open up the shows. I did about 40 shows where I opened. A year later, I became his tour deejay. My first show as his tour deejay was on Mother’s Day in 2011.”

While he’s now pushing a new single, “Right Here,” during a DMV-based school tour called “Should Could Dream,” Young Music says his ambitions are much higher.

“A lot of the cats that hated and still hate, they always see me as the next one,” he says. “As long as they see me as the next one, the hate doesn’t really make a difference to me. As long you give me my respect as if I’m supposed to be the next one, that’s all I care about. That’s why I really don’t worry about hate. As long as they see me as the next Diddy, the next Jay Z, the next Rick Ross. Whoever. It really doesn’t make a difference about the hate ‘cause at the end of the day, it’s all love. Even if it’s hate.”