DJ Khaled Sued By Jeweler For More Than $100,000

DJ Khaled Sued By Jeweler For More Than $100,000

The Hip Hop personality allegedly owes more than $100,000 to a New York jeweler.

DJ Khaled is being sued by a New York jeweler seeking more than $100,000 for unpaid bling, according to a TMZ.

“Khaled got 2 Rolex watches, a custom made diamond chain, a pair of diamond earrings, and a 4 carat diamond ring from Rafaello & Company in 2012,” TMZ reports. “R&C says it had a written agreement with Khaled that gave him 15 days to check out any jewelry the company sent him. The deal was … if he liked the goods, he would pay — and if not, send ’em back.”

The lawsuit says that Khaled kept all of the jewelry but didn’t pay the bill. Khaled’s camp has yet to respond to the allegations.

No stranger to lawsuits, DJ Khaled filed suit against his former label eOne records back in September.

“DJ Khaled Productions is seeking at least $1 million over the label’s failure to properly account and pay record and mechanical royalties,” a HipHopDX report says. “The money he is seeking would reportedly cover what he claims are losses across four full-length studio albums released between 2006 and 2010.”

DJ Khaled was issued a cease and desist letter last Spring due to similarities in his cover art and that of rapper Kolley.

“Kolley, a rapper, reportedly released RNS, also known as Real Nigga Shit, a mixtape, six weeks ago, as per the report,” HipHopDX wrote at the time. “The cover for the project features Kolley biting a gold chain with gold teeth. DJ Khaled’s ‘They Don’t Love You No More’ cover art features Khaled biting a gold chain with gold teeth, also.”

The “Hold You Down” anthem maker is currently working on an album titled I Changed A Lot.

During an interview with HipHopDX in November, the hitmaker said he’s trying to make better decisions.

“When I say smarter decisions, meaning, I’m making sure I’m always making the right decision,” DJ Khaled says in the interview. “If it’s a decision I have to make that moment or if it’s a day to think about it. I want to make the right decisions to further me in my career. Also, I changed just the way I think. I refuse to let somebody pull me down. I’m gong to embrace my blessings. I’m going to celebrate my wins. I’m gonna try and be happy. There’s times that we gotta pat ourselves on the back. We have to create that moment to be happy because, if we wait for somebody to do that we’re gonna be waiting a long time.”