Demrick Details Making Of “Losing Focus”

Demrick Details Making Of "Losing Focus"

Demrick opens up about putting together his latest album, “Losing Focus.”

With his Losing Focus album released earlier this week, Demrick spoke with HipHopDX recently about the project as a product of his wanting to put together a cohesive track list.

Explaining how he tried to avoid any influences from the mainstream, Demrick credited producer Cali Cleve and called the collaboration a “solid piece of work.”

“I went into this album on some straight, ‘I’m not paying attention. Fuck the radio. Fuck what other people say. I’m just gonna get with my team of people’—which was Cali Cleve who produced the whole thing—’and just make something different and what’s true to myself,’” Demrick told Andre Grant in a clip that premiered as a part of today’s DX Daily. “The intention was to make something that you could play from track one to track sixteen [during] a car-ride or hotboxing with your homies or riding around going to the party. Or some songs you could add to your weed playlist or your turn-up playlist, but represented one solid piece of work and was very true to myself. I stayed real true to my direction and the points that I was trying to get across in this album.”

Demrick’s latest single, “All The Way,” features Madchild and Futuristic. Listen to the song on HipHopDX here.

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