De La Soul Reaches Kickstarter Goal To Create New Album

De La Soul Reaches Kickstarter Goal To Create New Album

De La Soul’s new album has already garnered over $176,000 in donations, with 32 days left to go.

Its been over a decade since De La Soul released its last album.

Now, the iconic Rap group has returned to the studio and plans to craft its first LP in eleven years. But, the trio is in a bind.

Posdnous, Dave, and Maseo are seeking support from fans to crowdfund their new album. Without a record deal, De La has established a Kickstarter account to fully fund their recording, mixing, marketing, design, packaging, and distribution costs.

De La’s new album will incorporate elements of Jazz, Funk, Rock, Country Western and more. The trio is trying something new.

For the new album, De La plans to sample themselves to avoid copyright infringement concerns. Instead, they’ve enlisted an assortment of musicians to participate in unrehearsed, jam sessions, where they re-created the group’s iconic body of work. The group plans to use the sounds recorded to create new music.

So far, the only rapper set to be featured on the LP is 2 Chainz.

The incentives for contributing cash to the album vary by the amount donated. Fans will receive a 1GB De La Soul thumb drives uploaded with the new album for donating $30. Sneaker enthusiasts interested in purchasing an autographed pair of limited edition 2015 –out of stock – De La Dunks by NIKE, can pledge $500. For $2,500, one fan can receive the opportunity to dine with De La at the new Harlem restaurant “Street Bird.”

So far, the campaign has already exceeded its goal of $110,000. At press time, De La Soul’s new album has garnered over $176,000, with 32 days left to go.

Visit De La’s Kickstarter page here.