Dame Dash Kanye West Co-Produce “Loisadas” Movie

Dame Dash & Kanye West Co-Produce "Loisadas" Movie

Each episode of “Loisadas” will be available for purchase or you can pre-order the full flick now.

Dame Dash and Kanye West are working together again.

As promised, the Roc-a-fella Records co-founder has teamed up with his former artist-producer on a new movie titled Loisadas.

The first installment of the digital seven-episode series premiered yesterday (February 26) via Complex.

Loisadas appears to be a grimey, action street flick. It’s set to feature cameos by Smoke DZA, The Lox, Murda Mook and others.

Dash’s film company, Damon Dash Studios, is responsible for the production of the project. Dash co-wrote the script, directed the film and is credited as an executive producer alongside Kanye West.

On Instagram, he expressed his excitement over the film’s debut.

“Today is the day I walk it like I talk it,” he wrote via IG. “I put up my own money and invested in myself…my ability to direct as well as my ability to build the platform to present my art so no one can tell me what to do on any level so today I’m officially launching two things…my movie which I’m very proud off @loisaidas @damondashstudios.”

Dash also states that he’s developed his own version of Netflix that will feature all-original content. The movie streaming site he’s referring to is called Poppington Group Television b.k.a. PGTV.

Loisaidas will be released in an episodic format via this platform in addition to on its own site, loisaidasthemovie.com.

Each episode will be available for purchase or pre-order the full flick now.

Check out the first episode below:

“Loisaidas” Episode 1 from DD172 on Vimeo.

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