Dame Dash Discusses Kanye West, Jay Z Jim Jones During Sway’s Universe Interview

Dame Dash Discusses Kanye West, Jay Z & Jim Jones During Sway's Universe Interview

Dame Dash says he dropped Kanye West, speaks on Jay Z possibly being affiliated with informants.

Thanks to a radio interview lasting well over an hour, former Roc-A-Fella Records co-owner, Dame Dash was able to speak on a variety of topics. During his conversation with Sway Calloway of Sway’s Universe, Dame spoke on Kanye West’s departure from Roc-A-Fella Records, his current relationship with Jim Jones, and his inability to work with Jay Z due to the rapper’s alleged ties with informants.

Dame first spoke on Kanye after being asked about presenting the rapper with the Visionary Award at this year’s BET Honors. From there, he revealed that he dropped Kanye from Roc-A-Fella Records because of disagreements with “the way he was moving.”

The Hip Hop entrepreneur later revealed that he hasn’t reached out to ‘Ye in recent years because there’s nothing the rapper could do for him since they’re both on separate business paths.

“Nobody walked away from me,” Dame Dash said. “Why do y’all think that…I don’t think y’all really understood the truth about that whole situation. At the time Kanye—I had dropped Kanye, to be honest. And it was because of us not agreeing with the way he was moving. And that’s water under the bridge. But then I gave him the opportunity like—‘Yo, as a man I signed you, so I’mma give you the opportunity. I’m not gonna walk away while you signed to Roc-A-Fella. You want me to keep running your shit, I will.’ But I had already argued with him. I had already got at him, like the old Dame Dash. And again, it’s not really relevant at this point, but we had already kind of established we wasn’t moving. Like niggas was begging me like ‘Don’t drop him.’ I’m like ‘I’m not doing that.’ And he chose to make the right decision that he felt was right for himself. That was it. For the last five, six years, it’s been nothing Kanye could do for me. Nothing.”

In regards to Jay Z, Dame revealed that the former business associates have had two “moments” together recently, both of which were documented via photographs that quickly went viral.

When it concerns a possible collaboration between the two men in the future, Dame says that after hearing about Jay Z possibly being affiliated with informants and “in business with certain people,” he’s now a little leery of being linked with the rapper-turned-businessman.

“Those moments – there were two. One was Chaka’s birthday,” he said. “And they were real adamant about me coming to her birthday, because I love Chaka like a little sister. And I was gonna come through. I don’t have a beef with Jay. I never did. We just approach business different. And the other time was with my daughter. We’re gentlemen. We’re men. We’ve done a lot. Just because you don’t agree with a man, because you’re black don’t mean you gotta fight, argue. You just have a different perspective. And at this very moment just based on what I read in the paper. This is the one time that the paper did scare me, and I was like ‘There has to be some truth to it.’ Is when I read about his affiliation with informants. That he’s in business with certain people. And it’s tricky for me to say, but just based on where I’m from, I can’t have nothing to do with that…I love Jay, but let’s say I find out any of that shit [is true], I can’t fuck with him at all. Because that’s how I was raised. It ain’t no disrespect. I don’t know how anyone else was raised. That’s it. It ain’t nothing to talk about. And it’s real serious for me.”

Following his recent, social media-heavy feud with Jim Jones, Jones referred to Dame as a “culture vulture” in an Instagram post last August, Dame attributed the Dipset lyricist’s lashing out to him being “a creative.” He also revealed that he’ll always have love for Jones and those close to him.

“Jim is a creative that sometimes reacts in the moment,” Dame said. “That’s what makes him creative. I’m not the kind of guy that looks at one thing that a person does and only concentrates on what that is as opposed to everything. So, I have to look at all the things that I’ve done with Jim and the things he’s done, and it outweighs those two emotional moments. But those emotional moments don’t reflect the way that I live and the way I react to things. And that can sometimes be detrimental to the big picture. He’s the kind of brother that I’ll always love…I appreciate him as a friend…It wasn’t over anything that was substantial to me.”

Dame Dash’s interview on Sway’s Universe can be found below.

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