Daddy Yankee To Launch 3D Video Game ‘Trylogy Tower Defense’

Daddy Yankee is going into unexplored territory by Latino artists and launching a new 3D video game titled “Trylogy Tower Defense.” Comic book fans were able to catch a preview of the highly anticipated game during New York Comic Con this past weekend. This provided the perfect platform to show off this thrilling new game at the sold-put event that saw panels featuring the new Spike Lee film “Oldboy” starring Josh Brolin, a preview of season 2 of the Syfy hit “Defiance” with the main cast discussing the juicy details and the unveiling of a Zack Snyder directed animated short that celebrated the 75 years of Superman as a comic book hero. The Puerto Rican “reggaetonero” will be seen battling battling enemies from cossing a map by building traps to slow them down and towers from which they are shot at. The “Gasolina” hitmaker is the lead playable character as well as a third person character that is able to shoot.

People that attended Comic Con and were able to play the game were blown away by the action packed game according to sources at the event. Gamers who didn’t speak Spanish were heard walking away from the exhibit singing Yankee’s catchy tunes that play along the game. This new venture into unchartered territoy represents a big leap to Daddy Yankee to explore and expand his brand. Trylogy is a first for the “Limbo” singer and will be released on Black Friday, November 29 to the general public. The 3D action game will sell for just $10 and gamers will be able to play through Facebook, Twitter and mobile devices.

Watch a preview of Daddy Yankee’s Trylogy down below and sound off with your thoughts.