Da Mafia 6ix “Watch What U Wish…” Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist Album Link

Da Mafia 6ix "Watch What U Wish…" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist & Album Link

The late Lord Infamous is featured on seven of the album’s 19 cuts.

Da Mafia 6ix’s Watch What U Wish… album was released today (March 6).

The 19-cut project from DJ Paul, Crunchy Black and Koopsta Knicca features the late Lord Infamous on seven of the collection’s 19 cuts, including “50 Bands,” “Gimmi Back My Dope” and “Walk wit Me.”

Other guests Watch What U Wish… include La Chat, Fiend, I.C.P. and Lil Wyte.

During an exclusive interview with HipHopDX last year, DJ Paul said that Watch What U Wish… would be “hard as hell.”

“We got some crazy shit on there,” he said at the time. “The production, we stepped it up a level because we didn’t want to be one of those groups that’s stuck in that old sound. Even though on Da Mafia 6ix 6ix Commandments mixtape, they got the old sound in there, but it got a new flair on it. This album will be the same way. It’s still gonna have the old stuff on it, it’s still gonna be gritty and grimy, but it’ll have a taste of the newer flavor on there.”

The Watch What U Wish… cover art, tracklist and the videos for “Dat Ain’t In Ya,” “Gimme Back My Dope” remix, “Forever Get High” and “Residence Evil” are as follows:


01. Watch What U Wish… 

02. Dat Ain’t In Ya ft. La Chat & Fiend

03. 50 Bands

04. Gimmi Back My Dope

05. Walk wit Me ft. Locodunit

06. Why Must I Sweat da Track ft. Fiend

07. Forever Get High ft. Fiend

08. Hundid Thou Wow ft. Billy Wes & La Chat

09. Residence Evil ft. Wacy Loco

10. No Good Deed ft. La Chat

11. Back on dat Hype

12. Do Dabs ft. Mariah Jane

13. Come Get Sum

14. By Myself ft. La Chat

15. High Like an Eagle ft. La Chat & Fiend

16. Mosh Pit ft. Lil Wyte & Insane Clown Posse

17. We Be Goin’ In

18. You Can’t ft. Locodunit

19. Next