Could Daft Punk Play Coachella Again? Pharrell Weighs in

For the latest edition of Pharrell Williams’ OTHERtone podcast on Apple Beats 1 Radio, the musical mind sat down with Coachella creators Paul Tollet and Lou Adler about their baby. They are, as Pharrell says, “furnishing culture.”

They spoke about a lot of things. They opened with chats about the Monterey Pop Festival and the influence it left on their world. They play some Ravi Shankar and meld that into Motley Crue, of course. You can also enjoy Jimi Hendrix and Otis Redding live.

Then they got into the juicy Coachella bits, talking about Dr. Dre and Hans Zimmer, and about the internet’s impact on artistry. But when asked to name a personal all-time favorite set? Daft Punk, duh.

“It was that good,” Tollet says. “We knew it was going to be good, because they’ve always been great, but they’d never played with their helmets. It was just press photos from years before, and they had stopped playing, and everyone had in their head what it might be. You never saw it, and it was 100 times better than we dreamed. It was just insane. It felt like it was storyboard, Stanley Kubrick movie. Every minute must have been thought about for hours or days or whatever, and it got better every minute until the very end. It was like, ‘how can you even get better than the last 74 minutes?’ But it was. It was that good.”

Of course, someone ended up asking Pharrell to get the robots to return.

“I don’t know,” he answered. “The robots are, like… they’re not repeaters. Who knows, right? They traditionally don’t repeat. They like doing things that you don’t expect them to do and in ways that you don’t expect them to, and when you freak out, and you want more, and it’s like, ‘No.’”

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