Chris Brown Tyga Discuss Drake Relationship, Amber Rose More In Hot 97 Interview

Chris Brown & Tyga Discuss Drake Relationship, Amber Rose & More In Hot 97 Interview

Chris Brown and Tyga say they aren’t going to speak on Drake because they aren’t getting paid to give him publicity, Brown recalls Amber Rose twerking on him.

Rapper’s relationships with other rappers or entertainers have been in the limelight recently. Whether it’s Kanye West’s marriage to Kim Kardashian or Wiz Khalifa’s former marriage to Amber Rose (‘Ye’s ex), there has been much talk about.

Chris Brown and Tyga, who’ve each had their personal lives heavily publicized in the past (or currently in Tyga’s case), recently sat down with New York’s Hot 97 and commented on certain rap relationships, among other topics. When asked about Amber Rose, someone who has made a lot of noise recently on Twitter in regards to her former lovers, Wiz and Kanye, Brown recalled her twerking on him, explaining it was just in fun.

“With this situation, as a man, it’s friendly,” he relayed. “I know that wouldn’t go anywhere further than that. As a man, I’d be stupid as hell. What dude you know ain’t going get on that when she twerking? What? That’s like everybody thirsting and got they THOT ass looking at the Instagram. She shaking it in the water. She shaking it with Wiz’s music. And everybody sittin’ there like ‘Oh my damn.’ So I’ma say no?”

On the topic of Drake, who Breezy reconciled with last year, Brown says he doesn’t want to talk much about the Toronto native because he isn’t getting paid to give him any publicity.

“Yo, we not getting no check from talking about dude, We giving him all this [publicity],” he said when asked about his relationship with the OVO rapper. “At the end of the day, I look at it like this: I can’t keep making these motherfuckers famous. I’m responsible for a lot of reviving of careers, and I think when I keep talking about somebody – even right now, I just making him hot right now ‘cause I’m just talking about him.” Tyga was asked about his relationship with 17-year-old Kylie Jenner. He kept his comments short but seemed to imply that it’s no one’s business other than theirs about their bond.

“If I love her, and I love her as a person, that’s me,” he replied. “Ain’t nobody else gotta deal with that or worry about that.”

Chris Brown and Tyga are currently on their “Fan Of A Fan Tour.” Their collaborative album Fan Of A Fan album is slated to drop this coming Tuesday (February 24).

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