Chris Brown Disses Drake Rihanna In The Breakfast Club Interview

Chris Brown Disses Drake & Rihanna In The Breakfast Club Interview

Chris Brown says he’s “real cool” with Kanye West, speaks on battling negativity.

Last year, some progress appeared to have been made in the feud between crooner Chris Brown and singer/rapper Drake, when the two were pictured together in the studio in July.

During an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club today (February 23), Brown was asked about Drake and repeatedly responded with, “I ain’t getting no money about talking about him.” The singer later confirmed the he and Drake are not friends.

Brown then alluded to Drake being a “corny singing rapper” while discussing his past relationship with Rihanna.

“Who else in the game she gon’ go to? Some corny singing rapper,” Brown asked, in regards to Rihanna.

Before addressing Drake, and later Rihanna, the Virginia songster spoke on the negative aspects of his career being highlighted by the media. He added that as a result of the focus on the negativity, he harnesses his success through his music.

“I feel like the only thing that’s highlighted in my career for the last five years is my negativity,” Brown said. “But only thing I can do is put my positive music out and do what I do. And be great at that. That’s the only thing that has been successful is the music. And people can’t deny an undeniable hit…I’m not gonna sit there and say I’m a saint, but I definitely say a lot of the choices I made in the past reflect now. So, now I don’t have that benefit—You don’t get that benefit of the doubt. Like ‘Oh Chris ain’t do that. Come on now.’ People be like ‘Nah, he did it.’ Because of my past decisions. I’m more vigilant of my surroundings and where I go…I’m not a street dude. I don’t portray myself to try to be tough. I’m just who I am.”

Brown also spoke on his newfound relationship with rapper Kanye West. He says the two have become “real cool” over the past few months, and later defended the rapper’s rants.

“Me and Kanye we just got started getting real cool over like the last couple of months,” the singer said. “So, I understand him sometimes. A lot of people be like ‘Man, he just complains.’ The stuff he complaining about don’t be so over the top though. Whether it’s music or whatever. Sometimes how he words it it’s like ‘Okay damn, don’t say it like that.’ But I can’t knock the man for how he feel. If you wanna be the greatest you gotta act like you the greatest.”

Chris Brown’s interview with The Breakfast Club can be found below.

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