Cam’ron Pokes Fun Of Jay Z In Instagram Post

Cam'ron Pokes Fun Of Jay Z In Instagram Post

Cam’ron takes a light jab at Jay Z following the release of a picture of the rapper at New York Fashion Week.

Among those humored by an outfit Jay Z was pictured wearing during New York Fashion Week was fellow artist Cam’ron. The Dipset lyricist even turned to social media to poke fun of the Brooklyn, New York rapper and his choice of wardrobe.

In an Instagram post uploaded earlier this week, Killa Cam posted a picture of Jay Z wearing fitted jeans and a fur-collared peacoat with the following caption: “Heeeyy lol nh.” The rapper’s “nh” mention is assumed to stand for “no homo.”

Although a lighthearted jab at Jay Z, Cam’ron’s Instagram post is the latest diss in an over decade-long feud between the two New York City artists.

The beef between Jay Z and Cam’ron allegedly started when Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Dame Dash hired Cam as vice president of the record label while Jay Z was on vacation. From there, a number of diss records have been exchanged between Hov and those at Dipset.

Additionally, music from The Diplomats was allegedly banned from the Brooklyn rapper’s 40/40 Club. Cam spoke on the alleged ban during an interview with New York City’s Power 105.1 in 2013.

“Once you say my name, my antennas go up a little bit, but I don’t really consider it a diss,” Cam’ron said during the interview. “He had made a comment and I made a comment back on a record. So, it wasn’t like a back and forth thing. I just answered kinda what he said, but I think he had something against us a little bit. Like you can’t play our music in the 40/40 Clubs…What kind of hate is that?”

Most recently, Cam’ron and Jim Jones dissed Jay on their “Victory” freestyle, which was released in January. On the record Cam raps, “Having money that don’t make you a real one / You stepped on the court you gon’ play my game / Just take shorty’s advice and say my name.”