Bobby Shmurda Says Jail Is “Survival Of The Fittest”

Bobby Shmurda Says Jail Is "Survival Of The Fittest"

“I’m chilling,” Bobby Shmurda says. “We over here—we over here thugging it out, man.”

As he approaches the two-month mark since he was originally arrested in December, Bobby Shmurda recently spoke with Billboard from behind bars to update fans on his status and rumors about the possibility of his securing a bail package.

Together with a handful of his fellow GS9 members, Shmurda currently faces more than 100 charges including multiple counts of conspiracy, weapons possession, and reckless endangerment stemming from a December 17 arrest.

Speaking with Billboard, Shmurda quickly dispelled rumors that he was stabbed or critically injured in a jail brawl.

“It’s nothing but rumors, man,” he said. “I’m good. Everybody knows I’m good. I’m chilling. We over here — we over here thugging it out, man.”

Still, Shmurda described life in jail as “survival of the fittest” before commenting on his behind-bars celebrity.

“I get a lot of love in here,” he said. “Every time I walk the halls, I see people and they yell out, ‘Ah Ah!’ or something.”

Shmurda also said that during his court appearances he looks at the judge and District Attorney as though they’re targeting him for his success.

“When I see the judge and the DA, I just see a bunch of people [who are] trying to take my life away for being blessed,” he said. “That’s what I look at when I look at them. It looks like a bunch of haters.”

As for his bail package, Shmurda alluded to the state’s $2 million requirement as biased.

“We’re trying, but right now I think the DA and the judge and everyone in the court is being biased,” he said when asked about his possibility of making bail. “It’s so crazy. The favoritism, yeah. They don’t have no evidence, no nothing on me for the bill to be so high. I haven’t been out for a year, I haven’t been around for a year. So I didn’t make two million dollars! [Laughs] They gave me a bill they know I can’t pay. We can pay the 10 percent. And we tried to pay the 10 percent and they told us collateral. And every time we go for bail, it’s something new.”

Still, Shmurda said that he’s remained in contact with artists like Meek Mill, French Montana, and Migos before offering a positive message for his fans.

“Keep your head up,” he said. “Everybody goes through tough times and good times. You know what, tough times don’t last forever. I say, God makes his toughest battles for his strongest soldiers.”

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