Bobby Shmurda Says He’s In Protective Custody During Phone Call To Hot 97

Bobby Shmurda Says He's In Protective Custody During Phone Call To Hot 97

Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel involved in jail altercation, Shmurda says “the cops been out for me for forever.”

Currently-incarcerated rapper Bobby Shmurda had the opportunity to speak briefly with New York City-based radio station, Hot 97 earlier today (February 26), during a phone interview. Although the interview lasted only two minutes, Shmurda confirmed that he is currently in protective custody and was separated from Rowdy Rebel after the two were involved in an altercation.

“Yeah, they got me in PC, man,” Bobby Shmurda said. “They got me in protective custody inside…Court orders. At first, me and Rowdy we had stuck it up. We was in intake before they pick you up. They had us sleeping there for like two days and I was like ‘Nah, my back starting to hurt me. We going upstairs’…They just took him to the box, man. Me and him had a little altercation with somebody. You know how that go.”

Before Shmurda’s phone call to Hot 97 was abruptly cut off, he revealed that reports about what happened the night they were arrested at Quad City Studios last December are “not true.”

He then explained that the cops have been out for him for forever and even told him “Yo, I don’t want my kids listening to your music,” on the day of the arrest at the studio.

“Nah, what they hearing about that night, that shit is not true,” he said. “The cops been out for me for forever. They been trying to slay me for forever, but they’ll never catch me with nothing. It might be like four, five cops that night that had just grabbed me up. They told me that ‘Yo, I don’t want my kids listening to your music. This and that.’”

Although it was last reported that Bobby Shmurda would be able to post his $2 million bail with help from bail bondsman, Ira Judelson, the Brooklyn, New York rapper remains locked up at the Manhattan Detention Complex.

If convicted of the charges he faces, which include conspiracy to commit murder among other charges, Shmurda could face up to 25 years in prison.

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