Black Thought Discusses Kendrick Lamar’s Material

Black Thought Discusses Kendrick Lamar's Material

“I would love to maybe one day work with Kendrick,” Black Thought says.

Sharing his appreciation for Kendrick Lamar’s work in a new interview with HipHopDX, Roots rapper Black Thought opened up the possibility of a collaboration with the good kid m.A.A.d. city emcee.

“I felt definitely honored for him to have been that much of a fan [that] he wanted to rock on some of our material,” Black Thought said in a clip that debuted as a part of today’s DX Daily. “He never reached out to me to collaborate but on the same token, we never reached out to him either. I would love to maybe one day work with Kendrick because he’s one of the younger artists more recently whose work I appreciate.”

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In another part of the interview, Black Thought addressed The Roots’ current label status and plans for a new album.

“We’re not really on Def Jam now,” he said. “We’re kind-of free agents if need be. It was cool, Def Jam was cool. Geffen was cool. I didn’t feel any difference. Def Jam felt like Geffen. A major label is a major label to me. We’ve always been self sufficient in that we never were dependent on a major label for much ever. So with that being said, when we were doing albums for Geffen, Def Jam or any other label, I feel like we’ve had the same results and we should be held in the same regards because we worked our personal brand. We shamelessly self-promoted our work and calculated our whole entire existence since we began. I don’t know if it would make much of a difference what label we went to.”

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