Bizzy Bone Recalls Being Kidnapped For Two Years

Bizzy Bone Recalls Being Kidnapped For Two Years

Bizzy Bone details “tragic” childhood, names his top three rappers of all time.

When asked who he was before he became the rapper known as Bizzy Bone, Ohio lyricist Bizzy Bone briefly recalled the “tragic” occurrences he went through as a youth, during an interview with Blurred Culture. The Bone thugs-n-harmony rapper revealed that he stayed with a variety of family members and was later kidnapped for a span of two years.

With help from John Walsh of “America’s Most Wanted” and others, he was eventually found, and later moved in with his sisters in Cleveland, Ohio. He says it was during his time in Cleveland that he linked up with fellow Bone thugs-n-harmony rapper Layzie Bone.

“Before I was Bizzy Bone I was always—As a kid I was stuck with monumental things that happened in my life,” Bizzy Bone said. “Kinda tragic. Music was always an escape…I had a two, three year stint with my mom. I was kidnapped after that for two years. John Walsh helped lead the charge in finding me. A few psychics and so on and so forth. And then after that I was in foster homes running around…I get down there [Cleveland, Ohio]. I was selling dope. Was actually selling dope in the dopehouse and I met Layzie Bone. And from that day on—First, I became Wishbone and we went through our Bone thugs story. Look out for the movie. We went through our thing. And from about 14, 15-years-old up until this very day we’ve been friends, comrades, business associates. But that’s who I was before Bone thugs-n-harmony.”

Later in the interview, Bizzy was asked to name his top three rappers of all time. He revealed the names of the three rappers he believes are the greatest and gave a brief description as to why he chose each artist.

“You gotta go with your legends,” he said. “I go with Biggie because of the East Coast and he exemplified what being East Coast was to me. Of course, Rakim laid the pavement. But he was good with getting the money and making sure people knew it was about paper. Of course, Pac. Worldwide, prophetic, meant to be, a covenant with the Earth, a covenant with his story. And of course, Eazy-E. Original hood brother to go in the hood and put his hood money into rap. And also put my best friends in a position to feed their children and their children’s children for the rest of their life. So, those are my favorite rappers.”