Billboard Exclusive Premiere: Towkio’s ‘Free Your Mind’ Featuring Donnie Trumpet The Social Experiment



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Back in 1970, the band Funkadelic released Free Your Mind… And Your Ass Will Follow, an album with a title that served to define the group’s mission for the rest of their existence. If you weren’t interested in the freeing process, that didn’t matter — the music did the job for you. Today Billboard is premiering a new song from Towkio, who also believes in the liberating powers of song. Towkio who is part of the SAVEMONEY crew with Vic Mensa and Chance the Rapper; check out his funky “Free Your Mind” below.

Towkio put together “Free Your Mind” with the help of Cam Obi, who served as producer, and Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment. The singer manipulates his vocal lightly and embeds it in the middle of a ghostly backing chorus — part Zapp, part Daft Punk, part T-Pain. The pitch-shifting adds a pleasing touch of bendiness that meshes well with song’s slick guitar.

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According to Towkio, “This record was made over a year ago… When you create the right emotion the work becomes timeless. I’m just trying to make timeless music.” Like Funkadelic, this artist understands that a strong groove makes questions of time irrelevant.