Big Sean Speaks On Releasing “Dark Sky Paradise” Without Label Pressure

Big Sean Speaks On Releasing "Dark Sky Paradise" Without Label Pressure

Big Sean says “I Don’t Fuck With You” wasn’t intended to be a radio song, speaks on finding paradise “at the darkest times.”

Despite the success of Big Sean’s Dark Sky Paradise single, “I Don’t Fuck With You,” the Detroit, Michigan emcee revealed that the song wasn’t intended for radio. While speaking with, the Motor City rapper explained that it was the people that popularized the DJ Mustard-produced song, and not radio.

“To be honest with you, my song ‘I Don’t Fuck With You,’ that was not intended to be a radio song…The radio didn’t make that song popular,” Big Sean said. “The people made that song popular. I just feel like people were able to relate that to they own situation and the album is just full of that.”

Big Sean also spoke on the freedom he had while creating Dark Sky Paradise due to the lack of any pressure from a label.

“I think before I was always caught up in a label being in my ear. ‘You need a radio song. You need this.’ I don’t care about that shit anymore. I’m just doing it. I’m putting it—All the music is from my heart. I’m putting it out there. And I’m focused. I’m hungry. That’s what it is,” he said.

Lastly, Big Sean discussed the significance of the Dark Sky Paradise album title. He explained that despite having his darker moments over the past year, he still feels that “this life is paradise.”

Dark Sky Paradise, it definitely has a feel, a vibe to it,” the rapper said. “And I feel like the name makes more sense when you hear all the music together. And to keep it real I just put myself all the way out there. A lot of situations I went through this year were very dark. From romantic to personal to losing a lot of friends to things that a lot of people go through. I’m not trying to have anybody feel sorry for me or anything. It’s just things I went through. And I put myself all the way out there. Through the dark times. All in all, I come from Detroit. I was able to make it out my neighborhood. And this life is paradise even at the darkest times.”

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