Azizi Gibson Describes “PreHISTORICTiLLDeath” Album

Azizi Gibson Describes "PreHISTORICTiLLDeath" Album

Azizi Gibson also explains why album titles aren’t that important.

The worldly Azizi Gibson has been making some news recently around the country and has new content to showcase.

Recently sitting down with HipHopDX Senior News Writer Victoria Hernandez, the German native talked about his latest album, PreHISTORICTiLLDeath.

“It’s my first album, my first big installment with a crazy concept wrapped around it and I’m just trying to be a modern day grim reaper trying to exclude people with my talents,” he said via a segment of today’s (October 13) DX Daily. “I feel like I have everything the music cultures have to offer. I just feel like there’s so many people in the game who make it real fast for absolutely no reason.”

Azizi Gibson also explained how an album’s title isn’t as important as its content.

“The album’s not evil at all when you listen to it,” he explained. “It could be called garnishes and roses and it could be the same thing. I just put it into this world two separate things.”

Watch the full DX Daily below:

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