Arcade Fire’s video for “Signs of Life” is a low-budget X-Files episode:Watch

Arcade Fire dropped another new single from the forthcoming Everything Now last night, the grooving “Signs of Life”. Just a few hours later, the indie rockers have followed the track up by releasing its accompanying music video.

Directed by Borscht, the clip is essentially an indie, low-budget version of The X-Files. Two agents are out on a mysterious mission that gets kicked off when they come across a crystal USB drive. There’s sharp romantic tension, fan boat rides through a marsh, and some suspicious aquarium experiments. It all leads towards a curious metal case, and what’s inside may change the special agents forever.

Check out the video above. Co-produced by Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter, Everything Now drops July 28th via Columbia Records. Find Arcade Fire’s extensive tour schedule behind the album here.

Everything Now Tracklist:
01. Everything_Now (continued)
02. Everything Now
03. Signs of Life
04. Creature Comfort
05. Peter Pan
06. Chemistry
07. Infinite Content
08. Infinite_Content
09. Electric Blue
10. Good God Damn
11. Put Your Money on Me
12. We Don’t Deserve Love
13. Everything Now (continued)