Afroman Arrested for Punching Fan Onstage Mid-Show

Afroman Arrested for Punching Fan Onstage Mid-Show

Afroman in the video for his remix to his 2001 hit “Because I Got High.” 

Afroman was arrested Tuesday in Biloxi, Miss., for punching a female fan during his set. 

The “Because I Got High” rapper was performing when a woman got on stage and approached him, TMZ reports. As a video shows, Afroman was playing guitar and without warning he turned and socked her right in the head. 

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According to the gossip site, Afroman continued to play even after the woman hit the ground hard, bleeding and crying, until the house lights came on and the music stopped. Then security reportedly helped the woman offstage, while police took Afroman away and handcuffed him outside the venue. 

The musician’s rep told Billboard Afroman was surprised by the person onstage, his back was turned and he didn’t see her and reacted with the punch. 

“This was a completely involuntary reflex reaction to people infringing on his stage space,” his rep said in a prepared statement. “It was uncharacteristic behavior that was initiated by outside uncontrolled forces.”

His rep blamed a lack of security at the venue — something included on his rider — and noted Afroman often has trouble with fans coming onstage.