Afroman Arrested; Charged With Punching Female Fan On Stage

Afroman Arrested; Charged With Punching Female Fan On Stage

A rep. for Afroman claims the punch was a “completely involuntary reflex reaction.” It did not occur because he got high.

Cops escorted Afroman offstage yesterday (February 17) after punching a woman on stage, during a set in Biloxi, Misssissippi.

According to TMZ, the female victim somehow got on stage and started dancing next to Afroman.  Without warning, the “Because I got High” artist turned and struck the fan on her face.

“He obliterated the woman,” the celebrity gosspi site reports. Witnesses say she was bleeding and crying, but somehow she managed to get up on her own.

A fan caught a video of the altercation from the crowd. The brief visual depicts Afroman playing guitar onstage as the women approaches. Afroman twists his whole body into a right hook, directly to the face of the woman, who collapsed instantly. Shortly after, Afroman whips back into playing position and strums on.

He was later arrested and released on $330 bail. His camp says he was reacting to the lack of security at the venue and he made his swing before realizing he was about to strike a woman.

“This was a completely involuntary reflex reaction to people infringing on his stage space,” his rep said in a prepared statement. “It was uncharacteristic behavior that was initiated by outside uncontrolled forces.

The performance at Kress Live came at the heels of Biloxi’s Mardi Gras parade. The woman who was hit by Afroman filed a citizen’s arrest on the performer.

Chase Taylor, the owner of the venue, spoke to local Mississippi news to say that his security did their jobs properly.

“We had roughly 12-15 security guards in a crowd of 500 people,” Taylor told Mississippi’s WLOX. “Kress Live does not condone this type of behavior. We like to keep a safe environment, and we addressed the situation the best way we could…If you watch the video closely, you’ll see her boyfriend jump up on stage right after the hit. He was followed right behind by security. There was security at the front point of the stage and he was rotating through the crowd to get to the back,. Talking about the contract between Kress Live and Afroman, we have met every single obligation noted.”

Check out the incident below: