Afroman Announces Retirement

Afroman Announces Retirement

“I love rapping I love my fans but I love my kids and my family more.
Its been a blast. Thank you.”

Afroman is calling it quits.

On Monday (February 23), the rapper (born Joseph Foreman) took to his Facebook account to address a recent incident where he struck a female fan in the face onstage, apologize to the victim and announce his retirement.

The lengthy post begins with Afroman recalling several occasions in his career where fans have stepped on stage “grabbing the mics, spilling beer on equipment and ruining a show.”

“I had a special clause put in my performance contracts that demands security watch stage and politely discourage anyone from jumping on stage,” he wrote. “In my 15 years of performing I noticed once one person jumps on stage 100 people jump on stage.”

Afroman then begins to drift into a narrative about his money being taken by the DEA and the IRS requesting back taxes from him for missed payments.

He also disputes several reports made by the celebrity gossip site TMZ. In all capital letters, Afroman wrote: “I DID NOT UNLOAD A DEVISTATING PUNCH ” LIKE TMZ LIED AND SAID I DID. It was a slap/ push . SHE WAS NEVER BLEEDING LIKE TMZ LIED AND SAID SHE WAS !!!!!! IT WAS A SLAP/PUSH !!! And she quickly recovered.”

“This situation is still bad however I must clarify its not as bad as lying news publications would have you believe,” he added.

Afroman issued the following apology to the female fan that he hit last week in Biloxi, MI and another male he struck in Cincinnati last year:

Young lady I do not know your name
I want to truly apologize for slapping you. I understand if you never forgive me ever.

Young man whoever you are I want to apologize again for throwing you off stage. I understand if you never ever forgive me also.



The “Because I Got High” rapper then proceeds to address his future plans.

“I no longer have the desire to perform for people,” he says. “I will continue to record I will continue to make albums I will continue to make videos I will continue to make movies.”

Towards the end of the Facebook post, Afroman tells his followers that his youngest daughter wants her father home everyday.

“On that note I happily retire,” he wrote. “I love rapping I love my fans but I love my kids and my family more .
it’s been a blast. thank you.”

Read the entire post here.

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