Afroman Addresses Punching Female Fan

Afroman Addresses Punching Female Fan

Afroman cites a heckling male fan as the primary reason for the incident.

After news broke yesterday that Afroman struck a woman on stage during a performance in Biloxi, Misssissippi, the “Because I got High” artist spoke with TMZ to offer his side of the story as well as an apology for the female fan, who has since filed a citizen’s arrest on the artist.

During Afroman’s conversation with TMZ, the rapper cited a string of personal frustrations as well as pointing to a heckling male fan as the primary reasons for the incident.

“I wanna apologize for my actions,” Afroman says. “I’m enrolling in some anxiety foundation right now… I love my fans. I go early these days to meet and greet them, hang out with them. It was an early show. I usually play at night and I’ve had my dinner, I medicate and I get right. But it was an early show [and] it was Mardi Gras. I had to walk like a half a mile to get to the place. I had my frustrations to make a long story short.

“I had a guy that was on the side of the stage, he was yelling at me, yelling some obscenities I don’t wanna really repeat,” Afroman added. “But these girls got on stage and I asked them to leave, I was trying to keep rapping. One girl left and I thought both of them left and the guy was still over there hollering from the side of the stage. So as I’m playing I’m thinking it’s the guy starting [to] heckle. When people get on stage you don’t know what they’re doing [and] you don’t know what’s gonna happen next. I’m just trying to do my job. I thought it was that guy… It was wrong.”

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