Adam Weiss Explains Origins Of HAM On Everything

Adam Weiss Explains Origins Of HAM On Everything

“I think the biggest thing about HAM is that it has no inhibitions,” Weiss says of his L.A. concert series.

Nearly four years into his HAM On Everything event series, concert promoter Adam Weiss says the Los Angeles nightlife staple owes its no-holds-barred approach to its warehouse party origins.

Weiss, who is a Chicago native and former aspiring rapper, began throwing the warehouse parties in L.A. following a short stint behind bars in 2009. The first official Ham On Everything event took place in 2011 and Weiss has since promoted shows with performances from Danny Brown, Chief Keef and Fredo Santana, Lil B, and more. (Weiss promoted a Lil B concert in December that was overrun by fans clashing with riot police in Los Angeles.)

As for what party-goers can expect from the increasingly popular-but-still-mysterious HAM events, Weiss tells HipHopDX that the shows are naturally free of inhibitions.

“Girls twerking, dudes moshing, and I don’t know,” Weiss tells Ural Garrett in today’s DX Daily. “I think the biggest thing about HAM is that it has no inhibitions. You’re pretty free to do whatever you want. I think that since it started as a warehouse party—the structure of the warehouse party, there’s not a lot of rules. It’s kind of just do what you want. I think there’s a big freedom. Even before that, when I started doing that night at the Short Stop, this is 2011, I saw this revolution of just my friends at the time would come and twerk and be crazy. I think it was something they just felt free doing. Maybe it’s the music. I don’t know. It stayed that way. I’ve never branded it as, ‘Oh, it’s a twerk party,’ or, ‘It’s a trap party.’ But that’s what it is.”

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