A$AP Ferg Planning To Release New Album Before Summer

A$AP Ferg Planning To Release New Album Before Summer

A$AP Ferg says he thought rapping “was corny” before meeting A$AP Yams.

Harlem, New York lyricist A$AP Ferg recently shed some light on his upcoming sophomore album, during an interview with HotNewHipHop.com. The A$AP Mob rapper, who dubbed himself “a perfectionist,” revealed that the project will “be out before the summer” and he currently has quite a few songs complete.

He later added that there’s both substance and lyrics on the project and says there’s “a lot of growth on this album.”

“Man, I’m a perfectionist,” A$AP Ferg said. “I got a lot of songs done. But I don’t know if they all right yet. Nah, it’s gonna be out before the summer probably. Probably a couple of months. Probably a couple of weeks. Shit, I just really wanna put it out. I don’t wanna talk too much about it. I just know that people gonna love this album. You know why? Because it’s a lot of growth on this album. I’m talking about a lot of things. The substance is there. The lyrics is there. Sonically, music is tooken to another level. This would be very different, like I said, because I’ve grown as an artist and as a person. As the individual I’m just a better person. I’m a better leader. And shit, I just want to have fun. And you gonna hear a lot of fun in this album.”

A$AP Ferg’s sophomore album will serve as a follow-up to Trap Lord, which was released in August 2013.

In addition to providing an update on his upcoming album, Ferg also spoke on the late A$AP Yams. He revealed that the A$AP Mob founder has led him to believe “that people are really angels.” He also shared that Yams was the one who encouraged him to rap.

“Yams taught me that people are really angels,” he said. “Yams is truly an angel. I don’t believe angels are fairy tale creatures with wings and all of that. Angels is really people that God sent to Earth to complete a mission. And Yams completed his mission by getting us all on. If it wasn’t for Yams I wouldn’t be rapping. I thought rapping was corny. For corny niggas that wanted to wear big chains and they didn’t have a way of getting bitches. I thought rapping was for them niggas.”

A$AP Ferg’s interview with HotNewHipHop.com can be found below.