A R I Z O N A Teams Up With LG for TONE Studio ‘Sound Bites’ Session

At NYC’s Home Studios, Inc. last night (June 29), 32 people donned the new LG TONE Studio Wearable Personal Speakers to listen to tracks from electronic pop band A R I Z O N A’s debut LP, GALLERY.

The headsets — worn around the neck — boasted four external speakers with two that pointed directly into the user’s collarbones, allowing the listener to feel the vibrations of the bass and kick drum as though they were listening to the music in a live venue; the other two speakers created a cocoon-like effect that surrounded the user’s head for a personalized surround sound experience. In addition to the external speakers, the headsets also featured retractable earbuds for completely personal listening.

The LG TONE Studio headsets are part of the tech superpower’s push to create a different listening experience for their users. Rather than just offering one option (external speakers versus in-ear buds), the headsets allow the user to personalize their listening preferences. LG is one of the first companies to offer listening devices in this capacity, noting that the market for wireless and wearable electronics is vastly expanding.

The headsets can be used with any bluetooth-pairable devices, and though the company realizes that most people will use them for music, they also work with smart TVs, smartwatches, and virtual reality devices. Because of their external speakers, they make for a unique listening experience where users can have individual surround-sound without disturbing their neighbors.

LG Mobile Phones PR Director Frank Lee co-hosted the “Sound Bites” event with A R I Z O N A members Zach Hannah, Nate Esquite, and David Labuguen to fuel an intimate discussion regarding the future of technology as it relates to how consumers absorb content.

Says Lee of the band, “There was something very special about their story and their music, and I knew we had to partner with them.” He adds, “I was given other options [of bands to work with] but I didn’t want to work with anyone else.”