6 Most Canadian Things About Drake Listed By Slate

6 Most Canadian Things About Drake Listed By Slate

Drake is Canadian because of his “Official Multiculturalism” and “Orthography,” Slate says.

Drake is Canada’s most successful rapper, a distinction that inspired Slate to compile “6 Man,” a list of “the six most Canadian things about Drake, or perhaps the six Drakiest things about Canada.”

The publication says that Drake is Canadian because of his “Official Multiculturalism.” The rapper is biracial and half-Jewish, and, according to the article, “in Canada that’s not such an oddball rap sheet.”

“The diasporic black community in Toronto, for example, is heavily Caribbean,” Slate says, “from diverse islands and outposts, and hip-hop in Canada has long been as much inflected by reggae and dancehall (not to mention South Asian and First Nations sensibilities) as by black American styles.”

Another way that Slate says Drake is Canadian is because of his “Orthography,” which is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the way in which the words of a language are spelled.” 

The article calls for Drake “to revert to Canadian spellings, as you initially seemed to when you released Nothing Was the Same’s tough-fronting ‘Worst Behaviour,’ or when you tweeted demanding YOLO royalty ‘cheques’ from Walgreens?”

To read the full “6 Man” article, visit Slate.

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