50 Cent Discusses “The Beast Is G-Unit” EP

50 Cent Discusses "The Beast Is G-Unit" EP

50 Cent says new addition Kidd Kidd worked the hardest on the upcoming EP.

G-Unit hosted a listening event in New York City’s financial district yesterday (February 18) to preview the group’s upcoming EP, The Beast is G-Unit.

“With a Mar. 3 release date, the group played the six track project to quite favoring reviews,” an XXL article reports. “Titled ‘Ballin’,’ ‘I’m Grown,’ ‘Bring The Bottles,’ ‘Doper Than My Last One,’ ‘Boy Boy,’ and ‘Choose One;’ each of the tracks represents G-Unit’s current state of mind. The EP reflects their current lives situations, with a bit of a mature edge.”

This mature edge in music comes at the heels of the groups 2014 reunion. 50 Cent commands the crew, which recently added artist Kidd Kidd.

“Kidd Kidd worked the hardest on the project.” XXL says. “50 Cent says that the new addition to the group works so hard because, ‘He wants it like he never had it.’”

Young Buck, fresh off his return to the group, also reportedly came in strong.

“Second to Kidd Kidd, Young Buck worked hardest on the EP,” according to XXL. “50 Cent says Buck’s maturity has been extremely evident since the group got back together.”

G-Unit’s age shows in their mature state of mind.

“The EP reflects the current mind-state of the group,” XXL says. “Specifically the “’I’m Grown” track, which talks about the group’s maturity as a unit.”

50 Cent, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Kidd Kidd plan to tour after the EP’s planned March 3 drop.

The group recorded much of the album in 50 Cent’s Connecticut mansion.

After the group reunited at last year’s Summer Jam, they released the first half to this project, The Beauty Of Independence.

Earlier today (February 20) HipHopDX reported on 50 Cent’s comments regarding artists deciding their own release dates.

“I enjoy the freedom of being able to set the date,” he said. “To say, ‘It’s gonna come out on that date ’cause it says it’s gonna come out on that date.’ Everybody else can catch up.”

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