“19 Rappers Who Weren’t Born In The City They Rep” Listed By Complex

"19 Rappers Who Weren't Born In The City They Rep" Listed By Complex

Complex Magazine lists 19 rappers from across the world who have different native cities than areas they represent in their rhymes.

Rappers and emcees often represent where they started from the bottom but sometimes, where they’re from isn’t where they were born.

Complex recently scoped out 19 Hip Hop artists who are native to different places than they represent in their rhymes. Some listed are actually quite far from where they rep while others just happen to be born in a different part of a big city.

Some of the more notable ones stem from the West Coast. The D.O.C. and Kurupt, both of which helped hold down California for years, are actually from Houston and Philadelphia respectively–cities with very different rap cultures. And of course, if you weren’t already aware of the fact Tupac was actually from Manhattan and not Los Angeles.

As far as newer rappers are concerned, Wiz Khalifa and his “Black and Yellow” identity was actually birthed in Minot, North Dakota. French Montana isn’t from The Bronx, but rather Rabat, Morocco (hence the “French” part of his rap alias). And Gunplay is from El Paso, Texas, not Miami.

Below are a few more notables creating surprise that made the list:

Waka Flocka Flame: Atlanta Queens, New York
Eminem: Detroit St. Joseph, Missouri
Nelly: St. Louis Austin, Texas
Ludacris: Atlanta Champaign, Illinois
No Malice: Virginia Beach The Bronx, New York

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