10 Smartphone Habits That Reveal Your Personality Listed

10 Smartphone Habits That Reveal Your Personality Listed

The “Instagrammer,” “Candy-Crusher,” and “Social Media Guru” all get profiled.

What smartphone habit do you have that defines you? That’s the question that PotentialOfUs.com asked on their way to cataloguing the chronic habits that keep us tied to our smartphones.

The article highlights 10 of your most habitual behaviors, then separates them in to 10 distinct personality types.

One of the smartphone habits explored are those of “The Social Media Guru.” She’s described in this way.

“Every time they open their phone, the Social Media Guru cycles through the big three, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, before they do anything else. Whether it’s to leave a status update on the latest trending topic or upload ten beautifully filtered photos of his or her vacation in Waikiki, the Social Media Guru has huge followings on each platform.”

Other personalities probed are “The Diner On The Go” and “The Traveling Media Junkie.”

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